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Living OriginallyLiving Originally: Ten Spiritual Practices to Transform Your Life

This book describes how our deepest problems stem not from the world but from a false sense of self. Using the books 10 spiritual practices you can rediscover your Origin- your True Self. As you master the practices you will be transformed from a false sense of self defined by your needs and the strategies to fulfill them, into a higher consciousness.

Living Originally was published in 2013 by Unity Books. (Readers of this book have access to an online facilitator’s guide and to online guided meditations created by the author.)

To watch a video interview with the author, click here.

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Birthing a Greater RealityBirthing a Greater Reality: A Guide for Conscious Evolution

This book is your navigational guide for releasing the old way of living, entering the ground level of your being and emerging as a conscious co-creator of your reality and an active participator in global transformation. As you align your heart’s deepest desires with the direction of evolution you will become a vehicle for raising global consciousness.

 Birthing a Greater Reality was published in 2010 by Unity Books.

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The Quest for WholenessThe Quest for Wholeness: Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World 

This book takes the idea of wholeness beyond healing or personal fulfillment into the realization of our true Self. It explores healing and wholeness from a personal, relational, and global level. This book works from the premise that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that our suffering is the result of having identified exclusively with our humanity.

The Quest for Wholeness was published by Unity Books in 2002 and was the third in the Continuing Quest series.

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Finding Yourself in TransitionFinding Yourself in Transition: Using Life’s Changes for Spiritual Awakening

This book explores the spiritual opportunities inherent in life’s changes and helps you to discover how to use transition as a gateway to greater personal and spiritual growth.

Strands of psychology, eastern and western mysticism, Bible interpretation, and personal history are integrated to provide frameworks, techniques, and inspiration that can lead to a breakthrough into a whole new dimension of living.

Winner of the 1998 Athena Award, this book was published by Unity Books in 1995.

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  • A Case of Mistaken Identity
    This was written in September 2003 and was subsequently published in Unity Magazine. It focuses on the core issue of humanity today.
  • A Conversation with God
    The following was written in 2007 as the prologue to a book I intended to call Soulmaking.The book was never published under that title but did morph into a book titled Birthing a Greater Reality published in 2010.
  • Spiritual and Psychological Counseling
    The folks at Unity Worldwide Ministries asked me to write an article for Unity ministers that clarified the distinction between psychological and spiritual counseling.
  • The Enneagram: an ancient system for our modern world
    This article provides a very brief overview of the enneagram. It was written in May 2011 and subsequently published in Unity magazine. I have long had a passion for the enneagram so I wanted to share this very powerful spiritual tool with as many people as possible.
  • The Practice of Insight Meditation
    This article was written in May 2008 and was later published in Unity Magazine. It provides a brief description of the theory and practice of Insight Meditation.
  • Praying in Public
    One of the topics that I teach at Unity Institute is prayer and meditation. A few years ago the folks at Unity asked me to write this for Unity Magazine for a Nov/Dec issue.
  • The Three Characteristics of Existence
    According to the Buddha’s teaching, this liberating insight awakens one to a deep understanding of the three characteristics of conditioned existence which are dukkha, anicca, and anatta.
  • The Spiritual Mentor
    This article (yet to be published) introduces the both the nature and the importance of Spiritual Direction in today’s world.
  • Tennis, Anyone?
    Over lunch with the editor of Unity Magazine I told her that tennis was part of my spiritual practice. Being a tennis player herself, she was quite intrigued by this and asked me to write an article about it!
  • Unity: Where East Meets West
    This article, which appeared in Unity Magazine, describes how the Unity philosophy may be seen as a synthesis on Eastern and Western spiritual teachings.
  • The Whale Rider
    In 2011 I was asked to share the story of my spiritual journey in poetic form at The Writers Place in KCMO. This poem is my response to that invitation.