Talks & Seminars

Lyceum 2015 Photo

Robert presenting at the 2015 Lyceum at Unity Village

This page contains audio and video presentations of some of Robert Brumet’s lectures, seminars, retreats and radio interviews conducted over the past two decades. For more information about his programs offered through Mindfulness Ministries, click here.

Q/A on Finding Yourself in Transition (Sept 2013)

The following is a phone conference with the Unity of Fairfax, VA. (55:52)


Living Originally Retreat Presentation (July 2013)

These talks were recorded on location at Unity Village.

Opening Session (51:21)

Radical Self Awareness (41:39)


Radical Self Awareness Meditation (20:44)


Forgiveness (21:32)


Forgiveness Meditation (21:06)


Universal Benevolence (16:04)


Universal Benevolence Meditation (31:15)


Compassionate Communication (29:12)



Birthing a Greater Reality (Aug 2011)

These talks were recorded live at a workshop presented at Unity Church of Portland.

Part 1 (22:15)


Part 2 (07:49)


Part 3 (08:20)


Part 4 (11:59)