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Unity & Buddhism etc.

This evening’s (1/22) Unity & Buddhism class has been rescheduled due to inclement weather.

This topic will be included in our Jan 26 day-long retreat on The Four Noble Truths. Pls see below for details.

I am offering “The Essentials of Buddhism: A Course of Learning & Practice”, which is a 15-hour course consisting of two day-long retreats on the teachings and practice of Buddhism plus a brief overview of Buddhist history. Time will be equally divided between instruction and meditation practice. Noble silence will be observed. We conclude the series with a 2-hr class on the relationship between Unity and Buddhist teachings.

 Please join me for the following retreats and classes:

Due to inclement weather our Jan 12th retreat has been rescheduled to Jan 26.

January 26th (10 am- 4.30 pm) The Three Vehicles and the Three Characteristics,

January 26th Buddhism and Unity.

January 26th The Four Noble Truths & The Eight-fold Path

 The January 26th and January 19th full-day retreats are $75 each, or $135 for both; January 22nd (2-hr) class is $25; for all three, the cost is $150.

 All of these will be held at Unity Temple on the Plaza in the Charles Fillmore Chapel. For the Saturday retreats (10am- 4.30pm) you may bring your lunch and eat in Meyer Hall, which is on the lower level.