A Conversation with God

By Robert Brumet

The following was written in 2007 as the prologue to a book I intended to call Soulmaking. The book was never published under that title but did morph into a book titled Birthing a Greater Reality published in 2010.

(The following conversation is fictional. It never actually took place- I think.)

God: Who are you? …I’ll bet you are surprised that I asked!

Robert: Sure. If you don’t know, then who does?

G. I know what you are, but I don’t know who you are. Only you can tell me that.

R. After thirty years of soul-searching and fifteen years of psychotherapy all that I can say is “God only knows who I really am. “ …. Oops sorry. I guess that’s not true after all…. Then tell me what I am.

G. You are me.

R. Then you are a figment of my delusional grandiosity! Only crazy people say “I am God.” And dangerously crazy people at that!

G. What you say is correct if one doesn’t know the difference between who they are and what they are. If you think that who you are is God, then you are right- that’s crazy. If you think that what you are is God, then you are ready to hear about my project.

R. Your project?

G. Yes, I call it “Soulmaking.”

R. Soulmaking?

G. You are the potter, and you are the clay. I am your mentor. Our project is that of Soulmaking.

R. Our project?

G. I need you to engage this project so that I can participate in my Great Work.

R. The Great Work?

G. Yes, my Great Work is that of expression and discovery. I discover who I am by expressing what I am in evermore interesting ways. And you are a very important part of this Work.

R. How so?

G. Your discovery and expression of who you are is the way in which I discover who I am. I am the ultimate Context that holds all content. I am the Space from which everything is born and into which all life unfolds. My work is to discover myself evermore deeply in and through all of the myriad expressions of myself.

R. Why?

G. If there were a “reason” for engaging this activity then there would be some end outside of myself that exists somewhere. There is no end outside of me. I am that I am.

R. I read that somewhere.

G. When one is All There Is then there are only two things to “do.” One is to rest in my own Beingness. And the second is to explore my Beingness. The only way to explore my Beingness is to express it in some form so that I am reflected back to myself in a way that I have not seen before, and that is not possible without a particular form.

R. What would my “Soulmaking” reveal to you?

G. Good question. Through your evolution as a soul –which is soulmaking-  you are giving me the possibility of experiencing that which is otherwise impossible to experience.

R. Impossible?

G. Yes. It allows me to experience being limitless and unlimited at the same time.

What you are is unlimited- it can be no other way. Yet, who you are is limited- it can be no other way.  As you engage in Soulmaking you are performing a miracle. You are being totally unlimited and completely limited at the same time. I can’t tell you how important this is to me.

R. How important is it?

G. I just told you- I can’t tell you. I can’t tell you because the who of you, Robert, can never be unlimited. You can understand only through experience- when you can experience this paradox directly, without the filter of your mental perceptions. This direct experience is a vital element in this project of Soulmaking.

R. I feel a bit confused. It would be nice if someone were to give me an instruction manual for what you call Soulmaking.

G. Well, there’s the paradox! On one hand, no one can do it for you because this project is completely unique and open-ended- no one could possibly tell you how to do it.

R. And on the other hand…?

G. You are about to write the manual.