On Fear

I heard Fear speak to me; His frigid breath shook my very being.

“I will destroy you…and all that you love”

He sneered, with an evil gleam of eye.


I trembled inside; my heart turned to ice.

I wept; I pleaded; I begged to be spared.

He heard…and he laughed with bitter contempt.


But, then I said…and I don’t know why…

“I will love you… I will love you…”

And then he heard me cry.


Then He spoke to me …once again.

“I have come to bring you freedom…

For now you can see who I really am:

I am you, unrecognized…and hitherto unloved.

I have come to bring you Power; for I am your unclaimed self

Seen in the dark mirror of your child’s mind.


RJB (1989)