On Rivers and Roads

The heart is like a river Wandering through time and space

Endlessly yearning for the taste of the Sea.

The mind is like a road,

Hard and straight,

Reaching from city to town to village,

Endlessly connecting place to place.


The journey of the heart

Makes little sense to the mind.

“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line!”

“Why do you wander so aimlessly,

Wasting time and energy?”

The heart replies:

“As gravity is to water,

Gathering it ever into the sea,

So is the yearning for the divine

To the heart,

Drawing it ever into the One.”


When the heart surrenders to her yearning,

Life becomes a river;

Flowing with no effort,

Moving with no design-

And with the absolute certainty

That it is taking us home.


RJB (2004)