Insight Meditation


Insight Meditation aims to free the mind from the distortions of self-centeredness, negativity and confusion. Through intensive practice of moment-to-moment investigation of the body-mind process, the mind gradually sees more clearly into the nature of itself. Such clear seeing leads to freedom from the attachments and misconceptions that cause our suffering, and allows us to open to a path of wisdom and compassion.

Insight Meditation is a powerful tool for liberating ourselves from the bondage of our conditioning. Seeing life as a constantly changing process, one begins to accept pleasure and pain, fear and joy, and all aspects of life with increasing balance and equanimity.

This practice, also known as Vipassana, originated 2500 years ago with the teachings of the Buddha and is still a vital part of the Theravada Buddhist traditions of Southeast Asia.

Robert Brumet has practiced Insight Mediation since 1988. He has been leading a local sangha and conducting meditation retreats throughout North America since 1995. In the early 1990s he received vipassana facilitator training from Shinzen Young. In January 2000 he graduated from the Community Dharma Leader training program, sponsored by Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Robert is one of the founding members of Mid-America Dharma.

Robert is the guiding teacher of Unity Sangha, which meets every Thursday from 7:00- 8:30 pm at Unity Temple on the Plaza, in Classroom C. Beginners and experienced meditators alike are invited to sit with us. A period of meditation, a Dharma talk and group discussion are included in most sessions. Individual instruction is given as needed.