On Pain

I spoke to my pain and said to him: “Why do you torment me so?”


He smiled and said,

“I am here to destroy the fabric

from which the web of your illusions are spun.

I am here to free you from the prison

of your own ignorance.

I come to you as a burning fire

to melt the chains that bind your heart.


Surrender to me;

And see me as your friend,

your teacher, your lover.

I come to awaken you from your slumber

that you may become

the free and godlike being

that is your destiny.


“But why must you come as you do?” I cried.

“Could you not come in gentler form?”


He smiled and said,

I have come in gentler form

but you heeded not my presence.

I speak in a whisper

and you hear me not.

I speak with a louder voice

and you deafen your ears.

At times, I must shatter your life

with a thundering roar,

so that I may be heard

by you!


But in truth,

I am as gentle as you allow me to be,

for I come as an emissary

of the Divine Love within,

Who seeks ever to awaken you

to the knowledge that you and He

are ever One.

RJB (1989)