Guidance I

Guidance refers to a mode of knowing that operates beyond rational thought. With humans, Guidance often functions as intuition, however Guidance is an inherent part of how the universe itself functions—both within and beyond the human psyche. Every element of this universe is an expression of One Life, Love, Intelligence. Some call it God--but it goes by many names. Whatever we call it, it’s the Reality underlying our universe and everything in it. Human beings are a conscious (self-aware) expression of this Universal Intelligence.

Much is misunderstood about the nature of Guidance. Some conceive of it as God personally speaking to us; others dismiss the possibility that Guidance is real. Guidance is natural, not supernatural. Intelligence is an innate part of this universe and Guidance is simply the process of accessing Universal Intelligence—it’s as natural as breathing. It is not miraculous, nor is it limited to a few special people (although it may be more developed in some persons than in others).

Animals experience guidance primarily via instinct. Instincts are innate; they are “hard-wired” into every creature. Humans have instincts, but they are usually channeled and filtered through the conditioning we receive from family and culture.

Presently, intuition is relatively undeveloped in most humans, but I believe the next stage of human evolution will include development and refinement of intuitive knowing. Evolution is “growing” our primary mode of understanding from Instinct to Intellect to Intuition. Intuition is a more direct and immediate way to access Universal Intelligence than instinct or rational thought.

As we evolve we transcend and include prior stages of development. We are not limited by earlier stages, yet these stages are not forgotten, they are included in the structure of our psyche. When Intellect passed Instinct as the leading mode of human understanding we did not lose our instincts; they gradually became more directed by the intellect. Likewise, intuition will eventually transcend and include intelligence and instinct as our primary mode of understanding.

Guidance can come in many forms. As far back as we know humans have used some form of divination to help guide their journey of life on earth. The forms of divination used are many and varied, ranging from very crude to quite sophisticated methodologies. Humans have looked at everything from chicken entrails to the stars in an attempt to access and discern Universal Intelligence. Perhaps they had an innate sense that Universal Intelligence was at work in their lives--as well as in the rest of nature. Most moderns dismiss all forms of divination as superstition. In some cases they may be correct; but in others I believe they are sadly mistaken.

Guidance can be revealed to us in unlimited number of ways. The Intelligence available to us is not limited to human life—it is in everything. The physical universe is but camouflage for a deeper reality. Universal Intelligence is an integral part of that deeper reality; it is an inherent feature of the universe, and is it available to each one of us.